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The following Product Description about Indihome for the uninitiated:

Internet service can be used in 10 Gadgets

(Mobile phones, laptops, TVs and computers) anti-slow and stable Ping is very small gan play online games what aja anti lag, SPEED STABLE MAX 100 Mbps. (unaffected by weather) Because Optical Fiber is made of Glass.

TV service that can Internetan

Watch YouTube, even play android games on tv can and, Replay tv show in 7 days WOW ga need to fear to miss tv show again deh !!! plus safe from lightning, TV jadul also can kok Plus now its 4K display, Want a FREE search on youtube "HYBRID INDIHOME USEE TV 4K". 3. Home Phone Service is anti saturated, Clear Voice, because it has been using optical fiber technology and most importantly free Local phone interlocal every month.

Bonus Bonus Bonus

- IFLIX and HOOQ: Have Your Own Personal Movie 24 hours at will you can watch where aja and anytime GUARED SURE Ga Likes out the house if there is IFLIX and HOOQ.

- Melon: Free Access Melon For 12 Months get premium music music there

- USEE TV 4K: Feel the Sensation of the Future in your home with Usee TV Hybrid Indihome (Tv Channel Recordings 7 days after Airing) (There are also Various Features and Applications Mantap ga gan)

- (Youtube On USee TV Hybrid) well this is most amazing Think in your mind, can you ngenet on TV directly? The answer yes yes Because there is a youtube menu and browser you can access directly on the TV can use a remote or keyboard / mouse can be plugged directly to the STB. WOW already tried? why not hunt subscription IndiHome etts Tv tube also support kok so ga need to worry ...

The following bonus Bonus Content Subscribe to his indihome gan:


With IFLIX, you can watch thousands of TV series and the best movies from around the world, from the most popular Hollywood TV series, favorite local TV shows, comedy, dramas, K-dramas, cartoons, Asian movies and more, anytime! Welcome to a world of entertainment. Let's play! Image results for iflix indihome (IFLIX)


HOOQ is the gateway to the unlimited entertainment world. You can stream and download thousands of movies and TV series. All can be watched through your television using IndiHome Hybrid Box, or via PC / laptop, tablet to smartphone. If you want to watch Hollywood blockbusters and the latest local box office movies, relax with a romantic comedy, scare yourself with a horror movie, or catch up on your favorite TV series, HOOQ can do it all. Discover exciting adventures, non-stop dramas and comedies with your fingertips. Join HOOQ to expand your entertainment world! Image results for hooq indihome


MelOn is a service provider of MUSIC UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD & STREAMING. MelOn which now has more than 4 Million catalog of songs both local and abroad increasingly provide the best service to its customers. Music service with mobile support support for various types of mobile phones such as Android, BlackBerry, Iphone & Windows Phone. Increasingly makes it easier for customers to enjoy unlimited music service. Especially for IndiHome Fiber Subscribers, will get MelOn Silver unlimited free stream for 12 months.